Federal vs. State Gun Crimes: Key Differences Every Attorney Should Know

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In the complex realm of criminal law, gun crimes stand out as particularly intricate due to the interplay between federal and state jurisdictions. Every gun crime attorney must navigate the nuanced differences to provide effective legal representation. This article explores the key distinctions between federal and state gun crimes, shedding light on critical aspects that … Read more

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Murphy Exposed is Back Online! – Phil Murphy

Phil Murphy

When running for office, one of Phil’s major promises was the establishment of a public bank, so the fees and interest generated would go to the public treasury rather than Wall Street. Hey Phil… where’s our bank? A recent report (“Making a case for a Public Bank in New Jersey Even As Murphy’s Plan for it … Read more

Kavadas v. Martinez – Law & Cases

Kavadas v. Martinez - LAW

Kavadas v. Martinez challenges the practice of automatically suspending driver’s licenses for nonpayment of child support without a reasonably contemporaneous hearing to determine if a default was willful and as to whether the license suspension would be counterproductive to the goal of increasing child support collections. It does not challenge the authority of the court to … Read more