Murphy Exposed is Back Online! – Phil Murphy

When running for office, one of Phil’s major promises was the establishment of a public bank, so the fees and interest generated would go to the public treasury rather than Wall Street.

Hey Phil… where’s our bank? A recent report (“Making a case for a Public Bank in New Jersey Even As Murphy’s Plan for it hasn’t materialized) by the NJ Citizen’s Action Education Fund asks the question.

Other media outlets have simiarly inquired as to the status. (“Making the Case For a Public Bank in New Jersey Even As Murphy Plan for it hasn’t materialized) by the NJ Citizen’s Action Education Fund asks the questions the mainstream media seems to be ignoring.

We say again: Hey Phil… where’s our bank?

Environmental groups are shocked Phil Murphy has asked the Supreme Court not review the Exxon settlement, which resolved environmental claims for roughly three cents on the dollar.

The same groups that ignored the warnings of John Wisniewski that Murphy was a Goldman Sachs wolf in progressive clothing are now shocked that Murphy has violated his repeated campaign promises to fight it.

Don’t be upset! It’s actually a success story!
(for Wall Street and neoliberal Corporate Democrats)

Wall Street investment in Murphy’s election: Roughly $21 million.

Settlement of case against Exxon: $225 million

Actual Damage: $8.9 billion

Previous estimates of a fair settlement: $1.2 – $1.5 billion.

Phil saved Wall Street over a billion dollars!

(Of course, we, the little people, will have to tolerate the pollution or pay for clean up out of our pockets, a concept that I’m sure doesn’t keep Mr. Goldman Sachs up at night).

Of course, no one is to blame for this betrayal. Murphy buying off every county committee via big money contributions did not provide a clue this was coming. When Murphy touted a $15 per hour minimum wage on the campaign trail but paid his own staff less than this wasn’t a clue.

When Wisniewski pointed out in the debate that Murphy is heavily invested personally in Exxon, that couldn’t possibly have clued anyone in. When Senator Ray Lesniak said Murphy “is not a true environmentalist,” but was “only saying things to get elected governor”, was it that no one listened, or that they were blinded by a wall of green?

When recordings of Murphy pushing fracking in Germany came to light, there was no reason to see around the donations and suspect that maybe this guy was buying an election to help Wall Street, right?

When all of this was pointed out during the primary, the New Jersey Sierra Club, Clean Water Action, and the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters were asked to rescind their endorsements of Murphy and accused of “transactional politics.” They hautily rejected the charge, saying it was offensive.

In fact, there are no surprises to be had here. A quick review of the site put up before the election shows that this is PRECISELY the sort of thing we warned would happen: Murphy Exposed. This was all known. All foreseeable.

Progressives, Democrats, everyone who cares about our environment, and fairness, and having a government that works for us: WE WERE BETRAYED. Starting with John Currie and trickling down through every County Boss who took money from Mr. Goldman Sachs and turned a blind eye to his record… we were sold out.

As we approach the 2020 primaries, please recall who was behind this charlatan pretending to be progressive.


Have we learned yet? Please advocate for reform to the entire system

Whether you are an independant, progressive, a Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian, or something else, we must put aside the opinions that divide us and join together if we are going to change this decayed, rotting shell of a system that’s come to replace our representative democracy. The only way this can happen is if we demand it and accept nothing less.

If we ever hope to have a political system based on a marketplace of ideas, the current openly “for sale” system has got to go. Join us! Please take a few minutes to join and support Represent.US – either via the web page for Represent US, or the FaceBook page for Represent US, or via the Twitter page for Represent US.


Represent US has a number of solid, attainable improvements we can make to the system.

First, there’s ranked choice voting. You select your candidate and, if he or she doesn’t win, your vote goes to the next candidate you select. Thus, for example, you could vote for Bernie in the general election and, if he didn’t win, your vote would go to Hillary instead of Trump.

Or you could vote for Gary Johnson or Rand Paul and, if he didn’t win, your vote would go to Trump instead of Hillary. No more voting for the “lesser of two evils” candidates. The proof that this is do-able: Maine just did it. New Jersey could as well and will – if you demand it.

Read more about Phil Murphy and how he tried to dupe New Jersey workers.

Then there’s the Anti-Corruption Act, addressing the interplay between money and politics. Realistic? Also recently enacted – the voters in South Dakota amended their State Constitution to include it’s terms. Of course, the legislature held an “emergency session” and gutted much of it, but the fight goes on – people are waking up.

There’s more fixes that can be done, but I suggest taking a moment to check them out at the source on Represent Us.

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