Jessie Misskelley, Jr. Statements

Jessie’s (June 3, 1993) statement  (with audio – load and follow along):

Jessie’s (June 3, 1993) statement after the time discrepancies in his original statement were found to be too severe to justify the issuance of a warrant:

Sheriff’s (February 1994) officers’ report of alleged statements Jessie made:

Jessie’s (February 1994) statement:

Jivepuppi’s excellent analysis:

There are many well established indicators as to false confessions and factors have been pretty solidly developed that can lead one to objectively determine whether a statement is true.  To paraphrase — on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a true & reliable confession and 10 being a false confession, Jessie’s statements are an 11.

Wikipedia on false confessions: 

(Note – Wikipedia in and of itself is not a primary source and should not be cited as one.

It does, however, cite to proper and reliable sources)

False Confessions

False Confessions and the Jogger Case by Dr. Saul Kassin
Creating False Memories by Dr. Elizabeth Loftus