When To Hire A Child Custody Attorney: Signs You Need Professional Help

The safety and security of their child are every parent’s priority. Yet at times, there are situations when both parents do not see each other eye to eye, where one or the other compromises the well-being of their children. The child doesn’t have enough standing to speak for itself, so the other party must speak up for the child. Whether it’s to get custody of the child or speak for their safety, be it a man or a woman, they need to get professional help.

Here the professional help is in the form of a child custody attorney who has better information and knowledge and can guide you through the hurdles. Read below to know how a child custody attorney is helpful and the signs you should look out for to hire one.

How Is A Child Custody Attorney Helpful?

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A child custody attorney has ample knowledge of what could go down and up in your case, depending on your side. It’s important to realize that everyone makes mistakes, and at times these mistakes represent one’s credibility of responsibility. For a custody case, determining what will help you better your side and what could cause your downfall is important. A professional attorney could help you determine these things and go over your case to understand it properly.

They could also help you in relieving all of the stress and create a good flow of communication to avoid any miscommunication and mistakes. It, in turn, helps in not letting the bad impact reach your child and escalates the matter quickly. One should keep in mind that no matter how much knowledge they might have of the subject, they could make mistakes due to personal reasons that could cost them the custody of their child.

Top 6 Signs You Need A Child Custody Attorney

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Whether it’s a mutual divorce or separation due to misunderstanding, children tend to take a negative impact. While parents try their best to improve the situation, the unwillingness to cooperate with any party leads to a complicated situation. To save the children from bearing the grunt and not letting your children get taken away, you need to look out for various signs to step up your side. These signs mentioned below will help you determine your situation and help in staying one step by hiring a child custody attorney.

1. If The Other Party Has An Attorney

If the other party already has an attorney, they might have repeatedly looked for others and discussed the situation. It gives them the advantage of better understanding and confidence that their current attorney can help them win. Getting a child custody attorney and discussing your situation is essential to stop them from getting ahead of themselves.

Having a good understanding of your case and your ups and downs is necessary to determine one’s standing. Whether you have a significant advantage or not, a poor understanding of the situation can make you lose what you could have easily won. If you are financially tight, you could opt for free legal aid and further discuss with them what you want.

2. If Both Parties Are From Different Jurisdictions

When both parties stay in different parts of the country that are in different states, their rules and the outlook of judges can be different. Here instead of going to an unfamiliar place, you should make the first move for your children. In your own state, you would have more familiarity and a better understanding of the people and cases than in an unfamiliar place. Especially in the case of child custody, any small thing can become a great issue which is why avoiding issues with different jurisdictions make the first move.

3. If You Are Unfamiliar With The Custody Laws

There are different kinds of people where few have general information about the law, and few have yet to learn. In such scenarios, instead of waiting for the other party to make a move, you should contact the other party for this issue first, preferably with an attorney. It will help you with custody and give you more information about the law, the right and wrong things, and what you should be wary of. The faster you get on the right track, the faster you will be able to cope with the difference between the parties and even stay ahead of them in the case.

4. Differences In the Current Parenting Situation

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If you are co-parenting your children or the other party has issues with how you raise the children and the other party doesn’t want to cooperate, you need professional help. Any issues you and the other party are facing, you both need to discuss them properly. If this is not done, you have a full-fledged right to ask the other party to cooperate or stay away from you and your children.

5. The Other Party Is Not Letting You See Your Kids

No matter what, the other party is asked to allow you to visit the child in case the other party gets custody. There can be situations where the other party refuses to cooperate or doesn’t let you see the child; you need professional help. It’s not only for you to see the child but to confirm the well-being of the child as well. No order of the court should be ignored, especially in the case of child custody, as it directly affects the child.

6. If The Other Party Is Violent With Your Child

The first and foremost thing a parent should do upon finding out that the other party is violent towards their child is to call the police and hire a child custody attorney. Following this, a restraining order to stay away from you and your child should be issued. Further, if your partner can get help for their behavior as soon as possible, then it should be prioritized.


There are various situations where one needs professional help, be it for knowledge or practical purposes. One should not shy away or lack in any way in serious situations to avoid severe consequences. The matter pertaining to the custody of the children is considered sensitive. Hence, if there is any mistake or insensitivity to the situation found, the parent could risk losing custody of their children.