Legal Guide on How to Handle Dog Bite in Colorado

Enthusiastic, friendly, and loyal are a few words that can describe dogs’ character and their unfailing love towards humans. A huge of percent of pet lovers prefer dogs as their lifetime pets, making them their best buddies. Besides the friendly, pet-and-owner interaction. Dogs offer significant protection services.They willing to do anything to protect their owners from danger.Some homeowners purchase trained canines for multiple services, like guarding and helping disabled persons, companionship, pet and more.

Unfortunately, accidents happen, forcing your nice, friendly pooch to react harshly and bite a person.  The dog might bite a family member, owner or strangers due to aggression, defence or slight misunderstanding. This may imposing severe bodily harm or cause death. All the situations require legal intervention based on the dog bite laws governing your State.

Colorado State has a well-defined dog bite law that evaluates the victim and owner’s legal rights. The State uses the Colorado dog bite statute (strict liability) law to solve dog bite lawsuits. However, many citizens try solving the issues directly with dog owners. This can involve multiple future risks such as recurrent medical problems, death or other similar accidents from the same dog. It’s advisable to seek legal help in Colorado from qualified personal injury lawyers.

Colorado’s strict liability law


Both the plaintiff and defendant have the right to seek legal attention from the law courts. However, the strict liability section governing the dog bite law provide the victim opportunity to fight for their right. The law requires the injured individual to show and prove injuries or that the victim died from the attack. The law applies regardless of the dog’s records (good or bad)or the owner’s knowledge of the attack or not.

When is the law applicable?

  • The dog attacks a person who is lawfully on public or private property
  • One is responsible if the bite causes serious injuries, medical issues or death

A bodily injury is an immediate or later injury that can result in death, permanent health problems, disfigurement, impairment, broken limbs or other injuries like burns.

The owner is not responsible or liable when

There are several situations where dog owners are not liable for any injuries caused by their dogs:

  • If the victim was unlawfully on the owner’s property (public or private). The law doesn’t consider whether the user had a trespassing sign or not
  • Suppose the victim is on the dog’s owner’s property, but there is a warning sign like beware of dogs
  • When the dog is performing police or military duties
  • The dog owner is not liable if the injured is the vet, dog groomer or dog expert
  • If the dog is on its regular duty of controlling the herd, predators, farm or ranch

The victim receiving economic damages


Dog bite victims are entitled to receive the following compensation:

  • Any future medical bills
  • Psychological counselling cost
  • Loss of income due to a disability or temporary/permanent injuries
  • Loss of income or working power

Non-economic damages

One can also receive non-economic payments for pain and other suffering

Common dog bite injuries


There are different injuries classified as follows:

• Hand and arm injury

A hand and arm injury is pretty common since they are the first contact areas. Most people use their hands and arm to cover or fight back.

• A puncture injury

These are excessive bites and scratches that cause a wound.

• Scaring and disfiguring

The tussle with a dog can result in permanent disfigurement. The scars are visible even after healing and may cause psychological trauma.

• Nerve problem

Suppose the bites are deep; they are likely to damage different nerves resulting in health issues.

• Emotional disorder

Dog attacks are terrifying and can result in emotional problems. Victims can get post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Most victims will likely hate and fear dogs.

• Death

Some victims die due to the injuries immediately or later after getting infections like rabies. Other cases are succumbing to severe physical injuries. Suppose the victims are children, persons with disabilities or the elderly who cannot fight back or have weak immune.

• Trauma

It’s legal to seek a lawsuit for injuries caused by failing or being knocked by the dog. If the canine didn’t bite you but resulted in any traumatic experience. One can seek a dog bit lawsuit.

What are the owner’s responsibilities?


To avoid any attacks and lawsuits, dog owners are required to care for and try to prevent dog accidents. They are expected to train the pooch on various scenes and how they should react. The owner is responsible for training on socialization and checkout for any behaviors that can lead to attacks.To avoid bites and injuries, one must restrain their dog, especially in public areas. Owners who neglect any of the rules are liable for their dog’s behavior.

To prevent any of the issues, one should:

  • Always keep the dog on a leash when outside or in public areas
  • Address aggression issues and train your dog
  • Ensure the dog is fully vaccinated and in good health
  • Have a securing fence to prevent the canine from crossing to other properties or strangers from passing through
  • For safety measures, have warning signs on your property, especially if your dog is trained on guarding

Involving an attorney

When an attack happens, it’s traumatic and sometimes confusing on the path to take. It is wise to involve experts to handle the case for swift compensation. You can involve a lawyer to help in the following:

  • Get proper or rightful compensation
  • Advocate on your behalf if the dog owner doesn’t want to pay or own up
  • Help to avail medical covers
  • The attorney will help if the medical coverage doesn’t want to cover the expenses


The law might be challenging for many citizens leading to people taking advantage. To get compensation involve a qualified lawyer who will take you through the dog bite law and see whether you qualify for compensation. Never sign or agree to any deal without consulting your lawyer since it can complicate the lawsuit.