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I specialize in Family Law and related appeals.

The profile section provides more detail, but the quick version is as follows. I graduated from Rutgers University in 1992 and intended to become a High School history teacher. I went through the Family Court system myself in reference to custody of my son and decided to pursue the law rather than teaching. I attended law school with a strong family law focus and landed a clerkship in the Family Part after I graduated in 1996.

For almost two decades now, I have practiced almost exclusively in the Family Part and the Appellate Division. I've brought several successful civil rights actions over Family Part issues which have made the system more fair to all.

My own experience in Family Court led me to become a shared parenting activist and advocate. Clerking in the Family Part and practicing since 1996 moderated many of my views. While I am still a strong advocate for a presumption of shared parenting (what was a dream 20 years ago is now a reality on this issue, with equally shared residential custody no longer even considered unusual), preventing abuse of the Domestic Violence Act, fair support awards, and gender equality, I have come to realize that every case is unique. I have advocated for as many legitimate domestic violence victims as I have defended against frivolous claims (over 50 trials).  I am a member of the Appellate Practice Commitee and have the honor of serving as a Matrimonial Early Settlement Panelist. I appear regularly in contested and uncontested custody, parenting time (visitation), divorce, child support and related matters in Mercer, Somerset, and Hunterdon Counties (and have a few matters in Middlesex and Burlington Counties). I handle uncontested cases (on an "unbundled legal services" basis) on a statewide basis for a flat fee ($600 + filing fee if no children or property to be distributed, $750 + filing fee if a Property Settlement Agreement is required). The notable cases section of my website highlights many of my cases. I have litigated before hearing officers, the trial court, the Appellate Division, the Supreme Court of New Jersey, the Federal District Court and the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

My clients have included five fellow attorneys and two employees of the Family Part (note: this does not constitute an endorsement by State of New Jersey) and the brother of a law clerk to a Family Part judge who chose me based on her experience with all the local attorneys who advocated before the court (note: this does not constitute an endorsement by the court).

In sum, having been through the system myself left me keenly aware of the unique challenges and demands of practicing Family Law in New Jersey. I understand that separation and divorce can be emotionally upsetting events. I know the importance of taking the time to listen to your situation, assessing your rights and obligations and providing you with your legal options. Whenever possible, I attempt to resolve family law matters amicably and efficiently. But, when necessary, I am not hesitant to litigate to strongly advocate for your rights and causes in court.

Notable Cases

Revel Fowler v.
Cassandra Ricks

Under these circumstances, does the Welfare Cap / Child Exclusion / Assignment of Child Support violate the “taking clause” of the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article 1, paragraph 20 of the New Jersey Constitution?